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Sleep in Comfort on Our Custom Mattresses in Salem, MA

People come in all shapes and sizes. For some, the standard mattress sizes simply do not fit their needs. From extremely tall individuals to extremely small ones, there are a variety of niche body types that the standard issue mattresses simply do not suit. Furthermore, some people have special requirements for back support and other medical needs that make the normal range of softness difficult to sleep on. To get the best sleep possible, you need the best mattress possible. What works for you may not be the same what works for the guy down the street. Each individual sleeps well on a mattress with the right support, size, and fill for them. Custom mattresses are perfect for those who have never quite found the perfect mattress for their needs.

At Gardner Mattress Corp., we help you find the right bed for you. We specialize in handcrafted, custom mattresses in Salem, MA, that are perfectly suited to your individual needs. You simply won’t believe how comfortable a bed can be when it is custom-tailored to your body and preferences.  When you visit one of our showrooms, our sleep consultants are available to show you all of your options. We ask questions about what you are looking for an answer yours to find a good match. You are encouraged to take your time and explore to your heart's content.

When you find the perfect mattress for you, your custom order is sent to our manufacturing facility. A custom-made bed, designed just for your needs, will be delivered to your door in a few days. Nothing cradles you in comfort more than sleeping on a customized mattress. You will be surprised, impressed, and very happy you chose one of our custom-made mattresses.

Custom-Made Mattresses in Sizes and Shapes to Meet Any Need

Do you need a mattress in a unique shape or size and wonder how you will ever find what you need? It can be difficult to find a manufacturer you can trust to create the custom bed you need. Worry no more. We've been handcrafting customized mattresses for over 80 years. Nothing is too challenging for us. No matter what kind of requirements you have in a mattress, we can create one that is perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you want a stiff, firm mattress or one that feels like a cloud, simply let us know, and we’ll get to work right away.

If you can imagine it, just bring your idea to us, and we will turn it into a reality. From your worn out RV mattress to your great-grandmother's antique Victorian bed, we design the perfect solution to give you a brand new, custom-made bed that fits perfectly and sleeps like a dream. We make it our mission to give everyone the perfect bed for their needs. Everyone deserves to sleep in luxury, so help us achieve that goal by sitting down and talking to a member of our team today. Our customization services include, but are not limited to:

• RV mattresses
• Trailer mattresses
• Platform mattresses
• Boat mattresses
• Truck mattresses
• Roll-away mattresses
• Antique bed mattresses
• Cut out corner mattresses for four-poster beds
• Any custom size
• Any custom shape
Man Making Custom Mattresses in Salem MA

Two Custom Mattresses in Salem MA

Custom-Made Beds in Any Size

King, queen, full, and twin sizes don't fit every need. You can be sure of getting the exact size to fit your situation at our mattress factory. Let us know what you need, and we will handle it from there. Some people love the idea of a single, but are too tall to fit in one; others don’t think that kings are big enough. No matter what you want, we can make it work. Your complete satisfaction with your new bedding is our number one priority. We offer custom beds to make sure you receive the service and product you want. Custom beds give you the option to order your bed, your way.

The Finest Materials in the Industry

A custom mattress wouldn’t be anything special if it weren’t high-quality. That is why we strive to use only the highest-quality materials that the industry has to offer, ensuring maximum comfort for our clients. Not only that but because of this dedication to quality, our mattresses last. Depending on the level of care, a mattress purchased from our company can last beyond the 10 years that standard most mattresses survive. An investment in a mattress from us is well worth it. Not only do you get a mattress that custom-tailored to your tastes, but you also get one that lasts for years to come.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out why so many clients come to us time and time again for custom-made mattresses. You’ll get a high-quality mattress of your dreams that will lull you into a sleep like you’ve never experienced before. Let our team help to improve your overall well-being by helping you sleep soundly for years to come.

Contact us to explore how a custom-made mattress can meet your needs. We are proud to serve the residents of Salem, Woburn, Newton, Wellesley, and Brookline, Massachusetts.